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What is the best controller or intreface cable?

The most practical solution that does not need batteries is USB controller like the ones sold here.
If you want to connect your real radio Tx to the computer, you will need USB interface cable as the ones sold here.

I see a black screen or the program fails to run. What do I do?

ClearView needs OpenGL 1.5 The most common reason for the program to fail in 99% of the cases is that your video card does not support the needed version of OpenGL. All you need to do is to download and install the latest video driver. Read help for more details.

What kind of hardware I need to run ClearView?

You will need at least 1GHz CPU and 128 MB 3D video card that provides support for OpenGL 1.5 For the water scenes you will need DirectX 9 card and Open GL 2.0

Can you suggest a video card? 

No, but take a look at this table that rate the video cards performance. Any video card that is above or equal to ATI 9600 PRO will work well with ClearView. You can find video cards that will run ClearView online for as low as $50. The higher priced cards will generally provide better performance at higher resolution.

Can I use my game pad controller?

Yes. This is the most practical way to learn RC helicopters if you are just starting. Do not get discouraged by others that tell you that you need RC Transmitter and Tx to PC USB cable to learn "properly" to fly rc. If you learn with your game pad, you will be able to transfer your skills to real RC transmitter easy.

Why I need RC radio transmitter and Tx to USB cable to fly with ClearView?

ClearView supports any Windows game pad compatible device, so you don't need this cable. If you have the cable, or if you want to invest into teaching yourself flying, it will be best if you get one. The control of the helicopter is more realistic and you will progress faster.

How realistic is ClearView?

It is very realistic. If you see video of experienced 3d flier and a see video of the same person flying a model in ClearView, you will be surprised how identical and life-like is the flight simulation provided by ClearView advanced physics engine.

I can do many 3d elements with ClearView, can I do them with my real helicopter or plane?

ClearView provides very real flight simulation. Your helicopter or plane, if properly set can and will do most of the 3d elements that you fly in ClearView. By using the simulator, you learn the hand to eye coordination and that is really valuable. 3d RC flight require perfectly set model and pilot that complements his simulator experience by burning many gallons of fuel. Make sure that you don't over estimate your skills before going for real. The fact that the crashes are real and costly can make your brain freese and that does not help a lot. The best way to benefit from a simulator is to mix real flying with simulator time.

My PIC Serial cable does not work

For PIC Serial Cable, go to Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager,Port(COM&LPT) and set cable com port bit rate to 9600.

I want to fly with another ClearView flier together in multi play session. How do I do that?

Please read more about the multi play net setup here.

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